I was born in Venezuela to the two most amazing parents. You can read about my journey to the USA and a bit about my life on this medium post.

Everyday I strive to elevate myself and those around me to our highest potential, create massive action, and generate outstanding results.

Juan Acosta | @thejcad

I am proud of my work
transforming humans to heroes

As COO of Draper University I’ve been blessed to be able to lead an extraordinary team and work alongside legendary venture capitalist Tim Draper. We inspire people and accelerate ideas by igniting the entrepreneurial spirit. We do this through a transformative program called Hero Training. As a team we have trained over 1,000 young people from 80 different countries and our startups have gone on to raise over $220M of venture funding.

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If you are starting your entrepreneurial journey, I encourage you to apply to the truly transformational experience.

These are some of the startups
that I’ve invested in

I helped catalyze the Draper U Ventures pre-seed fund during my time at Draper University. As a latino immigrant venture capitalist I have a deep sense of respect for international and immigrant founders. Here are some of the super stars who I have said yes to:

  • πŸš— Bernardo Bacigalupo and Pablo are changing transportation in Latin America with AllRide
  • πŸ› Esra Serbes is producing protein alternatives through Naturansa
  • 🚘 Konstantin Maslennikov let’s you buy fractions of autonomous cars with HereYouGo
  • ⌨️ Usama Abid enables faster production for hardware enthusiasts through InventHub
  • πŸ•Ή Ian Proulx makes the coolest first-person shooter video games at 1047 Games
  • πŸ’‘ Selim Satici helps the energy sector through his blockchain application, enabling a market of energy through Block-Z
  • 🚜 Saurabh Singla is building the new agriculture value chain through Himikara
  • πŸ‘« Manuel Hernandez gets you paid for having fun with friends or dates through Kiki
  • πŸ₯ Bernd Oostrum and Om Malviya are creating the peer to peer insurance system through the Tezos blockchain with Tezsure
  • 🐣 Ali Murtaza builds SaaS solutions for the poultry industry and provides farmers better data through Poulta
  • And a few others soon to be published!

I’ve also made angel investments of my own into the following companies:

  • πŸ€– The futuristic robotic security company, Knighscope
  • πŸ’» The best sales prospecting tool, LeadIQ

If you have a company and would like to pitch to me for funding or coaching:

I’ve also had the privilege
of helping start some companies

I built and launched the first version of Xtreme Play, the first digital video game e-commerce in Latin America.

At Ideal Mobile I focused on subscriber growth. From building software for our distributors, to building customer service teams, to building a brand.

Revtok, a small digital agency I started and ran for a few years.

I have also failed many times with a few products I’ve launched: Telzek and Prepaid Seeker.

From time to time,
I motivate teams around the world

One of the things I love to do the most is unlock the potential of teams. Here is a small snippet of what I do all over the world:

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If you would like to book my team and I to inspire, create lasting change, and unlock the potential within your teams:

And my greatest life mission
is to bring us closer to God

I am thankful for having been brought up in the faith. I’ve had many miracles happen in my life. I am building a company in the religious space with the mission of bringing people closer to each other, their faith, and God. If you’d like to learn more, visit the first product: Tabella, the private and social network bringing Catholic communities closer.

You can also listen to my daily Gospel readings here: